When i get excited before bed sometimes
i have erotic food dreams. You might not
know the feeling. The guy behind the
counter where i get loosies looks me up
and down like he'd like something from
me, he's never checked my ID. He probably
thinks i'm like seventeen. I lick my teeth
and step outside to light the cigarette.
I wonder if he has those food dreams too.

When i was seventeen i thought i'd run
to California. I met a cab driver on new
years who won a settlement and had
a lot of dough? I tied his hands up with
his belt at comfort inn off of the highway,
with his pants down to his knees. Then
chickened out and couldn't sleep. He had
never done it so he only had my stories - and
we all know that teenage clit's like maraschino
cherries. So i told him so he'd know. But
i've still never been to San Francisco.